Guess Who’s 2?

DKD is 2 years old! Blimey we have a 2 year old. An official toddler. A little man that runs around being all little manly.
Our son, our world, our absolute everything, what did we spend our money on before you?

He’s amazing (obviously biased). He’s like this mad, bubbly, nutty little dude that has mini tantrums because his plastic animals won’t stand up or because Octonuats finishes. He’s so strong minded and often out foxes me when I’m tired (which I might be using as an excuse).

Everything about him is everything to us. Personally I love what he’s made me become. I’m more compassionate, loving and relaxed now I’m Mum to Dexter. The little things don’t matter as much anymore and I’ve more than learnt not to dwell on petty crap.

I know it sounds like a silly cliche but I truly cannot remember life before him, maybe the gas & air 2 years ago had inflicted permanent damage. I know I had more money 2 years ago but wasted it on sex, drugs and rock n roll. OK OK I wasted it on the cinema, shoes and cheap wine.

I miss having that teeny baby solely depending on his Mummy. I miss the snuggly night feeds, the sleepy cuddles and the mornings/afternoons spent in our PJ’s whilst I was on maternity leave but I’m more than enjoying watching him grow and learn and become the confident little boy we all love.

We adore our son and couldn’t be prouder of our mighty DKD.

Happy birthday Dexter. We love you so so much.

Thanks for reading

Mummy (and Daddy) over and out

L & Lx




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