Mid-life Crisis

To any outsider I probably look like I’m having a mid-life crisis. I agree that some activities I’ve partaken in this year are not dissimilar to those I dabbled in 15 years ago.

Now, now you dirty buggers……haul your mind out of the gutter and I shall explain….

1. I got a new tattoo. Something I’ve been wanting to do for years. It’s covering a small, silly mistake I made when I was a teenager and I am so very pleased with it. It’s a swallow that represents freedom, family and love. And NOT the Little Miss Chatterbox I had. Stupid girl.

2. I’ve signed up to start a degree this year, October to be more precise. I will be studying for a BA (honours) in English Language and Literature . I’m giddy with excitement over the reading list, how it will challenge me and to finally have the chance to use my brain again.

3. I bought a bike. I’m enjoying cycling as I am desperate to increase my fitness. If baby number 2 happens soon then I want to ensure I am fit and healthy before I have to start running around after 2 of them.

4. I’m socialising midweek. Every night is a school night when you have kids so why not go out during the week if you have a free pass? Our new house is a 5 minute cycle (see above) to the old town with its vast array of drinking establishments. I have some pretty lovely friends that live not to far from there and sangria over tapa’s seems like my favourite way to spend a Wednesday evening at the moment.

Rest assured friends, family and cherished Facebook/twitter/WordPress folk, I will not be changing too much. I will not be buying a sports car, or getting stuff pierced (ouch), or wearing hot pants (I certainly do not have the thighs for this, no matter HOW much I cycle!) I am still me, just trying to give the 1981 model a bit of a shake up.

Thanks for reading 

Mummy over and out 


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