Marbles Lost: Reward Offered.

OK the above title is a massive lie as I know exactly where my marbles are it’s just every Tom, Dick and Fanny that believes they rolled away, undetected as soon as I gave birth to Dexter.

I loathe that people think because I have a small child at home then surely my brain is muddled and I can’t run to full capacity like I used to.

When I returned to the office following my 12 month baby holiday I sort of enjoyed the whole “we’ll ease you in once you’ve got your feet back on the ground” approach from my team. It was a bit daunting remembering how to turn on a laptop each morning and locating my desk……..but I managed. Well now 12 months on it’s like I’ve never been away only I still think people see me as a confused new parent that is kept awake most evenings by a sobbing toddler. In reality, I’m open to new challenges; my brain is eager to learn and absorb and Dexter is possibly the laziest child I know that snores all night long. I have ideas and suggestions but I’m not thought of as the old Lindsey that knows what she might be talking about. Being out of the loop for a year has its consequences.

I have, and will always have the drive in me to be involved in many projects and ideas. I will continue to plant my chubby fingers firmly in many hot pies until I just want to quietly sit in a chair to retire and eat a pie. Mmmmmmm, pie.

This doesn’t make me superhuman or mental as some people feel they can call me. It just makes me happy. It’s good for the OH and me to have different interests. The all-consuming football season is long and very, very boring and I often need a distraction of an evening whilst he is watching the game. Any bloody game. I’m a good non-wife in that sense. We have a common denominator (about 3ft tall and blonde) to discuss and we didn’t really talk much before he came along anyway.

So next time I mention OU, coffee mornings, play dates, charity ideas, party planning, making cakes, singing for fun or just a night out then please just nod and say “good for you”. It’ll mean a lot.

Thanks for reading 

Mummy over and out 


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