The L’s say “I do”

The K-D’s are off on a mini adventure this weekend (I hope Pilchard the Cat doesn’t read this and throws a wild party.) We’re lucky enough to be attending the wedding of Laura Rook and Lee Lewis (not forgetting its really Lexi’s day, with Leni patiently sitting there smiling.)

As with every wedding you generally talk about the bride and groom collectively, but this post is predominantly about Laura….sorry Lee!!!!

Laura is an inspiration. She’s made having 2 kids, working and running a household look positively easy. She’s funny, confident and the right amount of relaxed. She’s going to make the most beautiful of brides and I really cannot wait to see her in her dress, all dolled up and looking radiant.

I honestly don’t know a better suited couple than Lee and Laura. Both kids at heart and now with 2 of their own beauties, they really are a fun family.
Lee and Laura have come from great families and have now created their own little unit (I do think there is room for a couple more babies though!) Their ethos on family time is definitely their main priority and I commend them for that.

Today is the day the L’s accumulate to make one humungous L. Thank you for letting the K-D’s share this day with you.

I want to wish you many, many more years of happiness together.

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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