Dex and I had a long overdue play date today with a friend and her little boy. Whilst sipping coffee and letting the boys run riot I looked down to the floor and clocked our matching footwear, Converse Allstars. I then took a look around and noted what most mums seemed to be wearing similar things, and it dawned on me….we were all wearing the uniform of a toddler-mother.

The Uniform

Leggings/jeggings/skinny jeans – giving you freedom to move when rescuing said toddler from the very top of the soft play climbing frame. Plus leggings give you great slippage down slides.

Layers in the form of a vest/t-shirt/shirt/jumper – easy to whip on or off when hot/cold or covered in snot.

Bright coloured patterned socks – a must have for any soft play date unless accompanied by The Dad. Forgotten socks means you can sit on your arse and look sad whilst pointing at the “no bare feet” sign. Win.

Uggs/Converse/Havaianas – depending on the season, or availability of pedicure time. The latter must not be worn whilst running after a toddler or you will risk looking like an oversized toddler.

So ladies can you relate to this? What’s your weekend “uniform”?

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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