Scaredy Cat

This year is the first year we’re going trick or treating, and to ease Dexter (and the OH in) we’re only going to visit friends and family.

We’ve kinda celebrated Halloween in the past by just being at home and answering the door to kids in bin bags. This year will be the first that DKD will pound the streets of Hertfordshire.

My beautiful boy can one day be fearless, then the next day he’s cowering in my arms so I want to keep everything familiar. Since the clocks have changed he’s developed an obsession with light and dark and is very hesitant to walk into any room if the light isn’t on. It’s very endearing and I am trying my best to release him of his worries. Sometimes it means that I get some awesome hugs if he’s really scared so I just  take massive advantage of the situation and leave the light off for a teeny bit longer.

In preparation for tonight D has practised his scary face and sound effects (not too dissimilar from a yawning Lion) a 1000 times and he threw the biggest shit fit on Monday when I tried his costume on. Not because he didn’t want to wear it, no because I said he couldn’t go to bed in it. I’ve purchased a little trick or treating bag too this year, personalised naturally!  I just hope he gets some good sweets that I will have to try first, you know for quality control.

Enjoy your Halloween!

Thanks for reading 

Mummy over and out


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