Expectant Mother List (Clothes & Sleeping)

With so many lovely babies on the way it got me thinking back to when Dex was just a little bump and I was manically buying everything under the sun with the word Baby on it.  I believed, like most mums, that buying everything “the magazines” recommend will make you a much better parent and have a baby that will sleep through the night. Oh wait…

So here is the first of my expectant mother list, (all my own opinion) about what I bought, what I needed, what I avoided,  what I used and what I wasted my hard-earned cash on.

Baby Clothes:

We didn’t buy too much for Dex before he arrived and he was spoilt rotten when he did arrive (and it’s still not eased up, and I’m NOT complaining).

I packed 3 changes of clothes for him in the hospital bag (3 vests, 3 bodysuits, 3 hats). Dex was born in August and it was mega humid so he pretty much spent the first few weeks of his life in just vests, and then the occasional body suit.  I’m very glad that we didn’t have to squeeze newborn limbs into a snowsuit like some poor parents.

I guess an aim for a newborn wardrobe would be 6 vests, 6 body suits, 3 hats, and outer wear depending on the time of year. Scratch mits are ridiculous. I defy any parent to keep those on their kid for longer than 90 minutes. We bought body suits with little wrap over sleeves. These are a great idea to stop baby from self-harming and are also quite good for comical value (think Pilsbury Dough Boy type arms).

As mentioned above you WILL be spoilt, everyone loves to buy baby clothes so don’t go mad yourself.


Firstly, sleep is for wimps and SO overrated. Don’t get hung up on how much other people are getting compared to you or you will go mad.

We bought a Moses basket for our newborn because we didn’t have the room for anything else in the bedroom of our old house. If space was no object I would either get a connected crib (to the side of our bed) or a small cot to have in our room. Our Moses basket was rubbish. We bought a really basic one with a static stand. It was great for moving up and down the stairs but the mattress was paper-thin and we bulked it out with a fleece blanket to make it comfier. The only bonus to having a Moses basket was using it to transfer D into his cot bed. We placed the Moses basket in there for a few nights, allowing him to get used to the room and its surroundings before he slept in the large bed.

And the cot bed. Well I love D’s cot bed as it’s just feels big and secure. We’ve now taken the side down and placed a Babydan wooden bed guard up (eBay purchase) that matches the wood of the cot.

Bedding is of course all dependent on which bed you choose. We bought fitted sheets for the Moses basket, 4 in total. It’s always good to have spares as babies are mucky little things. Dex was a sickly baby and would vomit most days. I always made sure we had at least one clean sheet every day. We now use fitted sheets for D’s cotbed and we also have a nice thick mattress protector on too. In addition to this I also have a spare (cheap) mattress protector for when Dex is ever ill overnight.  There is nothing worse than a mattress smelling of bodily fluids.

Sleeping bags are a gift sent from heaven. Dex used one until he was about 14 months old and then we introduced a pillow and duvet. Sleeping bags are great, especially for fidgety babies as they will never kick their sheets off and during the winter we topped him up with a blanket too as his arms would get cold.

We also have a variety of blankets that we’ve used since D was born. Pram blankets, large blankets and blankey blankets. The best blanket we have is a pram blanket from John Lewis. It’s thick enough to lay on any floor and use as a makeshift play mat, warm enough to use any time of year and washes up brilliantly. We still very much use blankets with Dex for naps and also movie viewing on the sofa.

I bought, but never used our swaddling blanket with Dexter. D was born during a very humid August. We then went on to have a freakishly hot September and October and never had the opportunity to use it. He was all long limbs and just a very hot baby so I didn’t want to wrap him up.

Some of the baby books I read before giving birth suggested using flat sheets too but I just thought these were pointless as we’d bought the fitted sheets and again we were very lucky with the time of year that Dex was born.

I did waste my money on all sorts of things like cot bumpers and decorative quilts and breathable panels, as you do. I know now what is needed and what we can really, honestly do without.

All this talk of snuggling sleep has made me tired!

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out






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