Mother Bloody Nature

Ah that lovely intrusive question…..

“So are you having more children?”

…..don’t you just love it?

I get asked that all the bloody time, in fact far too much. I’ve probably been an arse that’s even asked it, if I have please consider this an apology. I hate that question, I mean would you ever ever ask someone “hey have you been having unprotected sex with your partner lately?” It’s far too awkward and far too personal.

We’re trying for number 2 and have been for a while. We tried for a long time before having Dexter, I think knowing it can all work has made this second time trying even more difficult.

I hate my body and myself every month I get my period. My period is bittersweet. A monthly reminded that my lady bits are all working and functioning but stuff just ain’t adding up.

Please don’t misread this as me feeling ungrateful for what I have. I absolutely worship the ground Dexter toddles on and feel so blessed to have him in our life but I just long for him to have a sibling, a playmate and someone to share the fun times with.

I hope it happens soon.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


4 thoughts on “Mother Bloody Nature

  1. Ugh! People can be so insensitive. That said most of them really don’t mean badly, they just forget – or don’t know – quite how intrusive it is to be quizzed, especially when you have your own agenda that you can’t share. I do hope things go well for you very soon

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