Holding the Fort

So whilst most of the office has packed up and left for the year, muggings is still here and working until Christmas Eve.

Don’t feel bad for me though, I was flippant with my holiday entitlement and the K-D’s have managed 3 lovely holidays this year.

How am I going to stay focused for the next 2 weeks though? I obviously have the key days off (Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day) and bar 1 extra days annual leave I’m here for the longevity, all on my own.

The quiet open-plan office is stifling to me at the best of times. Is this a chance for me to practise my cartwheels in-between the rows of desks? A chance for me to colour coordinate my plastic paperclips? Or is this actually an opportunity to get on with my work instead of everyone else’s?

Whatever I choose to do, I bet I will mostly look like this.

photo (21)

So if you’ve already finished work, sod you. But if like me, you are working until the bitter end, *high-five* you are awesome.

And if you are one of those Christmas angels working as normal, regardless of the time of year….well I salute you.

Merry Christmas

Thanks for readingย 

Mummy over and out



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