A letter to my toddler

Dearest Dexter,

What an amazing year 2013 was for you. In just a year you’ve gone from a cruising baby to a confident toddler. We’ve watched you grow and learn and develop and become such an awesome little boy.

You waited until we’d moved into our first family home in January before taking your first steps on your own.

I watch in total awe as you sit and eat at the dinner table with us on your own grown up chair, happily cutting your own food and using your own cutlery.

I’m so proud of what you’ve learnt this year. Your speech is amazing. You are so confident when you talk that the words normally come out at 80wpm. I love nothing better than sitting with you on the sofa and having a conversation with you about your day. You amaze me with the words you already know and I’m astounded at how sponge like your brain is.

And then there’s the pants. The big boy pants that are the smallest I could find yet they still fall down when you run. The pants that consistently show the top of your beautiful bottom. The pants you choose for yourself to wear each and every morning. We’re so proud of you for proving us wrong by being so ready for potty training.

This year has seen you make friends, your own choice of friends and not just mummy’s play dates. Friends you talk about at home, friends that have girls name and you get all mushy when I say their names and friends that you run into nursery to see.

But my favourite part of this year has been watching your personality develop, your sense of humour has outsmarted me too many times and nothing brings me more joy that watching you hatch a plan then smiling, mischievously. Your laugh is crazy and your love of playing is infectious.

I’ve learnt a few valuable lessons this year too. You are simply the most important thing to me. I think you’re are amazing and I just can’t get my head around the fact that people wouldn’t be fighting to spend time with you, but you know what those people do not matter. The people that haven’t seen you for weeks or months aren’t the ones that you can rely on as they are missing the most important time of your life. The ones that are there for you are the ones you now ask to see, the ones you insist on FaceTime-ing from my phone and the ones you have the biggest kisses and cuddles for.

Dexter, I am so looking forward to watching you enjoy being 2 (and hopefully avoiding any tantrums!)

Thank you for being you.

Mummy x

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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