Happy Zoo Year

The very lovely OH surprised Dexter and I on Boxing Day with some annual passes to Whipsnade Zoo.  What a love he is!

Before we were even parents we would often visit wildlife parks and zoo’s together, and Dex is animal mad so we plan to use the passes as often as possible.


With the passes we get access to both London Zoo and Whipsnade. Both parks are great and very different from one another. I love the openness of Whipsnade, the green fields, the vastness and the surrounding views of The Downs are very beautiful. London Zoo is so historical and traditional, with my favourite sections being the Aquarium and the new penguin pool.


So far since receiving the tickets we’ve used them 3 times, even when one of the trips was very wet we still got use out of the reptile house, the brilliant indoor play area and the sea-lion exhibit at Whipsnade. The boy could watch the sea lions for hours. Both parks have plenty to do inside and out. Each trip has been accompanied by a picnic too, to keep costs down and make sure we avoid the pigging out on expensive naughtiness. I just make sure we bring twice as much naughtiness with us though. Duh.


I’m looking forward to seeing the parks and animals change throughout the seasons and I am hoping to document this in (good and bad) pictures.


Thanks for reading 

Mummy over and out 



2 thoughts on “Happy Zoo Year

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