20 Questions

At the start of 2014 I promised myself I would blog more, but I often struggle to feel inspired.

Today, for example, I worked from home and wallowed in self-pity after having a wisdom tooth removed. Not very inspiring.

So today’s blog post has been inspired by casual internet browsing.

So here’s 20 questions, answered by me.

1. Full Name? Lindsey Ann Day

2. How do you spend your days? Weekdays I am a slave in an office, weekends I am a slave to Dexter.

3. Where to you live? Some would say Stevenage, however I say North Herts.

4. Any hobbies? Erm….well blogging I guess as no money exchanges hands. I like to see my friends, I like to watch films, I like to moan. Is moaning a hobby?

5. Favourite meal? Pizza. Mmmm yes pizza. Pizza Hut specifically. Yes I would very much like to live at the Hut.

6. Favourite holiday destination? Florida. I’d go back there like a shot. And it would be even better with the child in tow.

7. Best gift you’ve ever received? When the OH once went on holiday (we’d only been together a few months), he left me a clue and present for each day he was away. It wasn’t the gifts I received it was the planning and thought that had gone into it.

8. Super power? To be able to fly of course. I’d happily miss out on the daily commute and shitty airline taxes.

9. Favourite subject at school? Drama, closely followed by English Literature.

10. Dream job? Coffee Shop Owner and Journalist.

11. Cat or dog? Errrrrrr…..just check my Instagram account for pictures of my beloved boy, Pilchard the Cat.

12. Favourite film? Forrest Gump.

13. Favourite gadget? I am never more than 4ft away from my iPhone. I don’t know what would happen if we were ever apart, and I never plan to find out.

14. Phobias? Spiders, rats, mice etc in my house. I don’t like curtains either. Dirty things.

15. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 2019. Wow that sounds like a long time away. I will be finishing my degree and hopefully graduating with a promising future ahead of me. It would be lovely to have a few more K-D’s running around my feet too.

16. Pet hate? Insincerity, chauvinism, arrogance and people who pretend to give a shit about my son, then never see him.

17. Skills? I have many skills, my most prolific being my modesty.

18. Favourite book? One Day.

19. Favourite drink? Red wine. No, gin. No, prosecco. Fuck it, alcohol.

20. Marital Status? Living with man-friend.

What would your answers be?

Thanks for reading 

Mummy over and out




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