Dilly Dally Do

Things I do when I should be studying:

  1. Check Facebook
  2. Check Twitter
  3. Make a cup of tea, ensuring my stove top kettle is full to the brim to elongate the boiling time
  4. Check Instagram
  5. Check Buzz Feed
  6. Check all my highlighters work by drawing a house/flower/butterfly/heart
  7. Snap Chat a picture of my contorted face to at least 6 friends
  8. Talk to my cat
  9. Check Facebook
  10. Plan my dinners for the next week
  11. Practise writing my fantasy married name: Lindsey Ann Tatum
  12. Talk the cat a bit more
  13. Check Instagram
  14. Make something to eat
  15. Google brain food ideas
  16. Order something from eBay
  17. Check my bank  balance and regret my purchase from eBay
  18. Make another cup of tea
  19. Eat a biscuit
  20. Complain to the cat that he’s putting me off


Thanks for reading 

Mummy over and out


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