The poor OH doesn’t know what to do with himself as he’s living with 2 emotional time bombs.

I’m an emotional wreck most days; be it an advert, a nice dinner, something that’s been said, coughing, breathing. Something will set me off. And now Dexter has hit a stage in his life where he’s getting upset over the very small things.

In the mornings he’s upset about getting up (aren’t we all?), then it’s drinking some milk, then it’s having a wee, then it’s getting dressed etc. you know the standard stuff EVERYONE has to do.

And it’s not tantrums either. It’s huge, fat tears followed by him begging to be cuddled by either of us.

He normally bounced up and out to nursery each morning but now crying is the norm. When I do pick him up from nursery he’s always in such high spirits, buzzing to tell me what he’s been doing at 1000wpm.

It’s kinda breaking my heart and I hope this phase will pass soon.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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