FTN Drink Review

When you receive an email offering you a product that will slow down the body’s ageing process, well you are definitely going to give it a go! If it works then surely it should be worth its weight in gold to a busy mum.  By Friday I’m frazzled from working full time, running a household etc so I thought if this product could give me a boost then why not eh?

The very nice people at FTN sent me some bottles of their new drink to try once a day and my challenge was to replace the drinks with my morning vat of coffee over two weeks, and then report back at the end of the fortnight.

FTN Citrus Bottle (1) Ftn Superberry Bottle (1)

So the results are:

I sadly only lasted 3 days without the morning coffee. I was pretty horrible to everyone around me so I thought it best for every relationship I have that I re-introduced caffeine as soon as possible. I think I am too dependable on caffeine to go as cold turkey as I did.

The drinks however did make me feel better during the afternoon. I normally have a lull around 3pm, but over the 2 weeks of drinking FTN I felt more alert and ready throughout the entire day. Even Dexter’s bedtime was easier as I was more energised and a bit more of a match for him to battle with! The normal “losing-the-will-to-live-if-he-finds-one-more-excuse-to-delay-bedtime” feeling just didn’t happen and poor Dex didn’t quite know what had happened.

The drink itself is in a small bottle, which I kept in the fridge. I preferred the Super Berry flavour over the Lime, but I think that’s just my belief that with lime should come G&T. Both tasted strong in flavour, but definitely not overpowering.

If money was no object I would probably purchase an item like this. I’d like to feel better in myself and I want to be putting less crap into my body (hint, caffeine!)

So thanks to FTN for helping me kickstart the year. I am feeling happier, healthier and better in myself. I also feel like a Mum back in control of the house, rather than the toddler ruling me!

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


Disclaimer: I was sent some FTN Drinks to review and share my opinions about on my blog. Everything written above is my own rambling thoughts.

Press Release: FTN Super Berry | August 2013

Twist + Drink for Radiant Looking Skin

As the body gets older, it begins to slow down and lose its natural ability to repair and renew cell damage. However, help is at hand in the form of new nutraceutical wholefood drink FTN.

Free from chemicals and stimulants, FTN is a patented blend of five wholefood ingredients designed to provide your body the protection and nutrients it needs to support its natural repair and renewal process.

Available in Citrus and Super Berry flavour, FTN is the first of its kind. Developed by a team of top researchers over six years ago, and backed by a wealth of published independent research data, a single 60ml shot of FTN is jam packed with all the essential vitamins, amino acids and nutrients that your body needs to support it’s natural skin repair and renewal process.

Rich in the anti-oxidant Green Tea the proprietary blend only found in FTN has been shown, in five independent research papers, to help support the body’s natural renewal process of stem cells, aiding in slowing down ageing in all parts of the body and increasing overall vitality, wellbeing and skin health.

The wholesome and natural ingredients in FTN work together to support the life and growth of your own body’s adult stem cells, providing the nutrition that stem cells need to flourish:

  • Green Tea extract helps support the health of the digestive and respiratory systems and enhances the proliferation of cells within the skin
  • Wild blueberry extract further promotes maintenance of healthy brain, cardiovascular, vision, joint and urinary tract function
  • Vitamin D supports adult stem cell renewal and helps these cells become immune cells for naturally fighting infection
  • Organic blue-green micro-algae contains protein, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, beta-carotene and a vast array of micro-nutrients that supercharge the body’s ability to maintain superior overall well-being
  • Organic fruit juice to help deliver the healthy daily dose in a refreshingly cleansing taste

For more information please visit www.ftnbelieve.com or alternatively join us on Facebook and Twitter, simply search: ftnbelieve


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