I’ve had a tough week, mostly cause I’ve been tough on myself.

My life always follows in the same pattern….I have a mad moment and take on too much, cry and have a bit of a break down, then continue as normal.

I think this week has been a little bit of a break down.

Various things have triggered tears this week. Anniversaries, Dex being a bit out of character, shit health stuff, denial about looming deadlines, stresses and interruptions at work, oh and someone trying to mug me last weekend.

I hate feeling weak. I hate not coping and I certainly hate relying too much on others. All my hates have hit me hard in the face over the past week and it fucking sucks.

I’m not looking for sympathy, help or advice just an outlet. Think of you reading this now as a virtual hug to me, cause I’ll look at my stats of this post tomorrow and think lovely warm thoughts, it’s nice to know that you are all “there”.

But don’t worry about me cause tomorrow is Monday, another day at the beginning of another week so I’ll be alright. I’ll be smiling, I’ll be happy.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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