Job Application

Butlin’s recently ran a great PR campaign to find a new (High) Chairman.

We of course entered and submitted the following CV for Dexter:

CV of Dexter Kauder-Day

A determined, focused multi-tasker with excellent communication and influencing skills. I consistently demonstrate energy and creativity to multiple stakeholders within the family unit.

August 2011 to date​
Chief Toddler at K-D HQ ​
Kauder-Day Household, Stevenage, Herts

• Team Leader to 2 direct line reports
• CEO of Cuddles at K-D HQ
• Communications Manager to multiple stakeholders (toys, peers, elders)
• Proficient in phonetics
• Part time food critic
• Biscuit tester
• Social media subject (Instagram #dexterkd)

• Wearer of big boy pants
• Excellent knowledge of the Octonauts and Marine life

A press release this week revealed a very lucky toddler has been selected to fill the position and be the poster girl of the campaign.

Better luck next time kiddo.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out




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