Baby K-D v2.0

Well the magic has “happened” and we’re finally expecting a brother or sister for Dexter this Christmas.

Following a few unhelpful doctors informing me that we’d most probably not conceive naturally, it actually all happened the way nature intended. But me being me listened to the doctors and for the first few weeks of pregnancy I actually thought I had a serious illness, not growing a bambino!

The pregnancy has been very similar to last time just with so much more fatigue added on top but I think the over excitable toddler may be playing a part with that. And I think I quickly forgot how rough I felt for 9 months last time but I know it’ll be forgotten just as quickly this time around especially as soon as I get to hold my squishy newborn.

Aside from the sickness, fatigue, acid reflux, stinky wind and itchy nipples (TMI?), I seem to have fallen ill with all sorts of ailments. What a bloody lie it is that your immune system is as strong as an ox. And I kinda look like shit too. Lank hair, brittle nails and grey complexion. When will I bloom? When will I glow?

But don’t get me wrong, I’m totally on cloud 9. Anyone who reads my blog knows how much we want this baby. All the moaning is just grumbling, honestly, and it’s just a coping mechanism. The mood swings are testing the strength of my relationships with people. Work colleagues have taken to tip toeing around me, but I’m enjoying the peace. The OH just hugs me when I apologise profusely for shouting at him about something not important. And Dex is just Dex. He quickly forgets about anything and is providing the most amazing kisses and cuddles at exactly the right time. That boy is amazing. He tells me he can’t decide if he wants a sister or a brother so he wants both. Erm….sorry kiddo it’s definitely only one! He’s specified that he’s not sharing his toys, bedroom or food but often kisses my tummy and says goodnight to the baby. He’s so sweet and caring and then he’ll go and laugh at my boobs. Evil child.

I can’t wait to meet this baby and I absolutely can’t wait to see Dex becoming a big brother.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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