Pregnancy Relief : Deep Freeze Cold Patch Review

Pregnancy. It’s tough at the best of times, let alone when it’s 30c outside.

My internal furnace is permanently set to mega hot and aside from dipping my wobbly, sweaty body into our next door neighbours paddling pool I was running out of simple options to cool down.

Enter the Deep Freeze Cold Patch.


A snazzy little patch that can safely be used during pregnancy to soothe all sorts of aches and pains. You can put them on your cankles to reduce the swelling, place them straight onto your aching muscles or do as I do and put them straight onto your back, neck and chest to cool down.

I suffered from major back ache whilst pregnant with Dex, and it’s back with a vengeance. Bloody hell. I stuck a patch on my lower back whilst overdosing on TOWIE and it worked like a charm. This weather means you don’t want to be placing a hot water bottle on your aches and pains, so a cold patch is just as good, if not better.

I’d recommend these patches as a pregnancy must have. They are great to have in the cupboard too for once baby is born. My back hurt like hell following Dexter’s birth and even more so when my boobs were full of milk. Being safe to use whilst breastfeeding is a massive bonus too.

Disclaimer: I was sent some Deep Freeze Cold Patches to review and share my opinions about on this blog. Everything written above is my own rambling thoughts.

The important bumf: As you’ll be aware, pain relief during pregnancy is a real issue for mums-to-be. Deep Freeze Cold Patch provides effective relief from muscular aches and pains and is particularly useful for swollen ankles, a common pregnancy problem, and back pain. RRP is £1.55 for a single patch and £5.10 for a pack of four patches. It contains menthol, aloe vera and water in a hydrogel layer which slowly evaporates to produce prolonged cooling relief for up to three hours. The slim patch stays in place simply and easily and can be worn under clothing.

A study of 1000 new mothers and mums-to-be commissioned by the pain relief experts at Deep Freeze showed how one in four new mums do not fully understand the dangers of some painkillers during pregnancy and fewer than half (48%) realise the choice of pill is vitally important and that taking the wrong painkiller could harm their unborn baby. One in ten (13%) would pop a pill to relieve muscle or joint pain which could put their health, or that of their baby’s, at risk. The research also showed that most pregnant women feel the strain in their backs, swollen ankles and aching joints:

· One in five women (21%) suffers daily discomfort.

· Three in four (75%) suffer lower back pain

· One in five (21%) get aches higher up the spine

· For almost a third (28%) the joint and muscle pain is so debilitating that it leaves them unable to enjoy what should be one of the most wonderful times of their life.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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