The Boy Wonder Turns 3!

To the birthday boy……

Happiest birthday of them all to you, the love of my life.

3 years old and so grown up.

You’ve come a long way over the past year. You are no longer my baby, but my little boy, my companion and my friend.

Last year I wished more words would come from your mouth, now they don’t stop! The animal obsession hasn’t eased and nothing makes you happier than playing with your plastic figures. You are so particular about things, it cracks me up as I know that trait is all from me. You are so confident around others that I never worry about going somewhere new with you in tow, and you make friends wherever you go. I love your lazy side too, something you’ve inherited from both of your parents. You let us lay in of a weekend and even when you are up you love nothing better than laying in our bed, watching cartoons.

I’m so very proud of everything you do. Your singing, your gymnastics, your speech, your confidence, your amazing personality, all of it and more.

You are my everything kiddo, don’t go changing.

Happy birthday Dexter.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out






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