Me Time

Last night I visited Champneys Henlow Health Resort for an impromptu Spa evening with 2 friends.

Both boys were away in Weston-Super-Mare for a few nights and I thought “why not, the cat can survive without me for the evening!”

The evening package is called Unwind and dine and you can arrive at the Spa from 5pm. You check in, get a plethora of vouchers and leaflets, your robe and flip-flops and then a quick tour of the facilities.

Our group were there to chill, gossip and eat really. The package (£35.00) gives you access to the spa and a 3 course meal. We did attempt to book some treatments but had unfortunately left it a little bit too late and only facials were left, so we just retreated to the swimming pool and jacuzzi area to put the world to rights and relax.

Champneys Henlow Pool

Our dinner booking was for 8pm. We went up to the restaurants in our robes still (clearly only used to visiting spa’s around lunchtime) and were informed we’d have to dress for dinner. I shoved my clothes on over my swimming costume and prayed the water wouldn’t seep through, making it look like I was lactating.

Our 3 course meal was very nice, however the portions were tiny. Health food is pretty sparse at dinner time. The waiting staff were all very young, which were easy to tease and coax extra portions of bread from them for our hungry tummies.

The whole experience was really great. The time spent there was just right, the company was of course fabulous and the price was very reasonable.

If you get a spare evening, grab a chance to chill out with your mates. I totally recommend it.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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