Introducing my daughter….

So after consciously uncoupling from my blog for the past 2 months I’m ready to get my blogging on again. And what better way to come back than with a bit of lovely news…..I have a daughter!

Wow. Still feels weird to say (type) out loud.

Blake Kauder-Day was born on Friday 12th December at 2:23am, at home, weighing 8lbs 6ozs.


She’s an absolute stunner (biased) and we feel truly blessed, if not a little shocked, to have a girl. I was absolutely convinced I was having another boy due to the way I was carrying, feeling, craving things etc. So to have a daughter has just blown me away. It’s even taken me a week to put anything remotely girlie on her.

Adjusting to life with 2 has been a bit of a shock. I know we’re only 10 days in, and I’m probably being very hard on myself but there is a lot to consider mainly because it’s all about the toddler.

In the grand scheme of things he’s been a good boy but there has been a fair level of epic tantrums for 2 very sleep deprived parents to deal with, plus add in the 40 year old OH having a case of man flu (so not functioning at full capacity) and me having a serious case of the baby blues when my milk came in and the result is a 3 year old VERY much in charge of our house! However I have reminded myself a lot that he’s 3, that it’s a lot to take in, that’s it’s all totally overwhelming, that it’s a funny time of year with everything focussing around the run up to Christmas, that he’s also been given big brother presents and, HE’S 3!!!!

But that aside he’s just absolutely besotted with her. He wants to be near her, touching her, kissing her, cuddling her, sharing his toys with her and proudly showing her off to anyone that will listen! It was the first thing he told Father Christmas, that he’s got a new baby, and he wasn’t interested in telling the big FC about what he wanted for Christmas, just about the soft bit on her head.


So Christmas is still being organised (Blake arrived 15 days early) but all that matters is I have my babies with me.


And as a family of 5 (this includes Pilchard the cat) we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Now to write my birth story……

Thanks for reading,

Mummy (of 2!) over and out


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