So far the maternity leave hasn’t quite gone to plan (early baby, Christmas, chicken pox, tonsillitis) but it’s not stopped me from getting on with planning what I deem important the second time round.

1. Keeping us all happy. And by us all I mean kids first, parents second. And not forgetting the cat. Everyone else is second to this. I fannyed around others whilst I was off with Dexter. Sod that! I have 2 small people, 1 big one and a feline to consider now.

2. Keeping my brain happy. Any extra curricular activities when it’s just Blake and I will be for my benefit until she’s of an age where she’ll benefit from them. No baby massage, no baby signing. Nope it’s coffee shops, gossiping, play dates with other mums that swear and drink wine, shopping trips and walks.

3. Working that ass. Exercise is going to keep me happy. I didn’t with Dex and I felt like a lazy lump. I’m not setting huge goals, just 30 minutes a day doing something active. Hoovering the stairs in our town house should cover that!

4. Spending time just us. With Dexter starting school in September it’s important that we get as much time together as possible. We shall be abusing the zoo passes as much as possible. Sometimes having a shift working daddy has it’s advantages.

5. Travel. Seeing friends around the UK and using the time like a mini break. Spending a month in Oz (this is actually happening and I’m so very excited!). Day trips to London. I can’t wait.

6. Budgeting. With more mouths to feed it’s important that I keep a close eye on finances. I did a spring clean before my maternity leave started and managed to reduce our monthly outgoings by £600. But it’s so hard to resist those gorgeous girlie clothes!

7. Clear out. Boys clothes, old toys, stilettos I will never wear again. If it’s not nailed down, I shall eBay it. Pilchard beware!!

8. Eat clean. With time on my hands I would like to plan our meals to ensure we eat better as a family. Eating together more is important to me and to save some money on what we already spend would be a bonus.

9. Study and brain train. My degree doesn’t stop whilst I’m off and that’s ok. I want to use my brain to think about things other than poo, wee or milky boobs. I know this will get harder, the older Blake gets but I will just manage and plan around her. If I can study, work full time and run a home with a toddler, then I can bloody well write a few essays with a baby attached to my tit.

10. Be at one with me. A happy me means a happy family. I will not stress about the simple things. I will not be guilted by other things. I will not compare myself to others. I will not compare my kids to others. The K-D’s are unique!

More importantly if I don’t stick to this list, then I will try not to worry about the world imploding.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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