My Top 5 Feeding Must Haves

I am a milking machine. Not as often as I was 6 weeks ago but most definitely more than the average persons snacks, because Blake eats little and often. I think she read somewhere that this is what Victoria Beckham does…..

However many babies you BF, it’s still bloody hard (and painful) if you’ve not done it for a while. I mean the OH and I don’t go in for any wild S&M games so my nips are most definitely not accustomed to something, or rather someone, swinging from them.

Whilst I am no expert when it comes to BF, I can only write about what has helped me. Please, please remember that I have no medical training, just a BTEC in Performing Arts.

1. Water.
And plenty of it. During the first 2 weeks following Blake’s birth my mouth was drier than the Sahara desert. It felt worse than any hangover I had ever experienced. And I was plagued with headaches. I just couldn’t get enough water in quick enough. So arm yourself with lots of strategically placed water bottles full to the brim, around the house. And always have a bottle with you whilst out and about. I got myself a a snazzy pink Brita bottle that has its own filter in it.

2. Snacks.
She snacks so why can’t I? At my 6 week check the doctor encouraged me to up my calories. I know!!! As a curvy girl I never thought I would hear such beautiful words. Up until Blake being 3 weeks old I was craving EVERYTHING. I didn’t have much of an appetite whilst pregnant and was plagued with acid reflux so being suddenly able to eat anything and everything really was a treat. Then following a bout of tonsillitis I lost my appetite for anything remotely nutritious and tasty. All I wanted was jam on toast. This is not something I can live on. Once we are through this horrible colic period I will get straight back to eating better, and lots of it. In the meantime I am ensuring I have tracker bars, Mr. Kipling cake slices, Dime bars and Milky Ways hidden around the house and in my changing bag.

3. Nipple Cream.
And lots of it. There is not much more I can say about nipple cream, just try and find one that works for you. I used Lanosil with Dexter which worked well as he was a summer baby and it tended to be warmer and softer. I tried using it this time but it was too cold and hard. I used Mothercare’s Nipple Balm for a while, which has Vitamin E and Olive Oil in and I also used a special cream found in a special Pharmacy in St. Alban’s. Thank you Derek,  the housewives favourite pharmacist!

4. Patience.
I naively thought it would be easier this time, but sadly it wasn’t because every baby is different. Blake has a petite mouth (I assume she inherited this from her Dad, rather than me) and she doesn’t open it very wide. Whilst there is a lot of BF support out there this sadly wasn’t available to me when I needed it most due to Christmas, New Year and then the kids both having Chicken Pox. I was offered a home visit by a Health Visitor but this was cancelled and rearranged a number of times and by the time she was coming round my nipples had finally turned to leather and there was no longer any pain. This is the moment all new BF Mama’s crave. The moment when your nips have “broken in” and a latched on baby no longer makes your toes curl or your face snarl.

5. A supportive Baby Daddy.
This is a must. As I have mentioned a number of times, BF is fucking hard. It’s fucking exhausting and there really isn’t much reward to be had other than chanting your own mantra over and over again (FYI mine is “the kitchen is too far away, you live in a townhouse”). So brief your OH to support you, high-fives, pats on the back, cups of tea, words of support, whatever works for you. And in the middle of the night when your baby has sucked you dry, hand that baby over to the OH and get some shut eye.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Feeding Must Haves

  1. Brilliant post 🙂 My daughter’s 3 weeks this Friday and currently being breastfed. I’m at the headache stage as just not drinking enough fluids. Need to remember and get some down me more often. At least my nipples have hardened already which is a bonus!

    You’re right about the supportive Daddy part. If my other half wasn’t supportive I don’t know how I’d cope. X

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