Super Toddler

Dexter has spent today dressed as Spiderman. I don’t mind this at all, even when we visited the local children’s centre for an arts and crafts session, or even when we visited B&M Bargains as a treat (yep we’re that family). Nope I don’t mind at all that my toddler is expressing himself and showing the world that anyone can be a superhero for the day, as long as it makes him happy and keeps him quiet(ish).


He’s suddenly shown a real sense of independence from picking out his own clothes to getting food out of the fridge to “helping” me with his baby sister. He starts school in September so I’m trying to ensure he knows the necessary life skills that most school age kids already know. He’s a little one, born on the 13th August, so he’ll only be 4 for 2 weeks before he starts school amongst some kids that will almost be 5.

I’m learning to give us an extra 10 minutes before we’re due to leave the house so Spiderman can put on his own shoes, coat, gloves and hat. Because should you try and help? Well if he could shoot you with sticky Web, he would. Instead he just shoots you a dirty look.

Watching him grow up just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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