Wide Awake Club

I’m a sadist. I quite enjoy the 4am feeds as they’ve become my time to surf the web, catch up on some reading and checking my twitter and instagram feeds without feeling guilty that I’m not giving my full attention to both babies. I do, of course, like the soft baby cuddles with Blake and sometimes the lumpy toddler cuddles with Dexter, if something has disturbed him. Something I don’t care for is the bloody OH snoring in my ear, ruining my zen. Grrrr.

One more thing happens during this time too……online shopping. 

I’m a bit more careful with my spending this time and try to avoid any impulse buys (size 6 converse for Dexter when he was 3 weeks old). One site I’ve stumbled across is called Moonbabies . It specialises in deals and it’s niche is its only open at night, you know when babies should be sleeping!  Because it specialises in deals, it means that the choice isn’t too big. You aren’t inundated with products you don’t need, and the products on offer are actually useful and not your normal newborn-jetpack-type products (you know shit you will NEVER use). I bought a very cute grobag set (summer and winter) for £27, plus a nightlight. It’s free p&p over £30 too.

eBay is still very much my favourite place to browse, with its weird and wacky listings. I could lose myself for hours by just looking under the search term…..ships from China. You can pretty much buy ANYTHING on that site. It’s difficult to hide my spending habits from the men in my life as my purchases over come as parcels, even my new friends in Stevenage sorting office. Whay did I say previously about pointless spending?

Now just to work out how to make money, and not spend it….

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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