Our trip of a lifetime

A week today the K-D’s will be well on our to spending a month in Australia.  The four of us (sadly minus Pilchard the Cat and the fish), will be spending 4 weeks together, relaxing, sightseeing, and enjoying each others company.

We will be lucky enough to be travelling around and visiting Melbourne,  Adelaide and Sydney, staying with family and friends along the way.

I’m giddy with excitement to be spending some much needed family time together.  A chance to spend some time with my boy and for the OH to spend some time with Blake.
It’ll be the first time I get to meet my cousins too, people that I have spoken to online for years but never actually met.

I’m nervous about the flights, all 7 of them, as I don’t fly well. Plus Blake has perfected this really awesome pig-shrieking scream just ahead of the longest travel time of our lives. If the flight there is really bad maybe we should just stay there, or get a boat home!!

I’m also nervous about how much shite we are taking with us. Considering Blake is small, she packs a lot of stuff with her along the way.  Buggy, car seat, sleepyhead bed, my boobs, the entire contents of Jojo Mamen Bebe (curses to their new Hitchin store!)

I’ve also been busying myself reading endless amounts of travelling blogs by parents and the like, ensuring that I’ve not missed anything or are taking anything unnecessary, you know, like the kitchen sink.

Our beloved cat and home is being looked after whilst we’re away too, by pretty much a carbon copy of our family. So at least I won’t have to deal with the cold shoulder treatment from the cat when we return.

But more importantly I cannot wait to make the most amazing memories with my family, poor Blake will obviously have to rely on the pictures, but Dexter will just be blown away by everything we plan to do.

Now to start packing our 100kg worth of luggage. That’s a limit and not an aim right?

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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