There was a lot of love in our house earlier, specifically from 18:25 until about 18:48, or more commonly known as, Bath time.

Both my kids love the water, it’s their happy place. I don’t know if it has any relevance to their love of water but I used to lull in the bath for hours when I was pregnant, both times. Blake is happy to lounge in her bath chair, having water gently poured on her, whilst Dexter loves nothing better than splashing around with his toys.

I was a bit apprehensive about letting them bathe together whilst Blake was still so little and with Dexter being SOOOOOOOOO excitable all the time around his little sister. At first we did a lot of nagging, “Dex don’t splash her,” “Dex do NOT wee in the bath,” you know, the norm. But whilst we were worried about him hurting her, we never actually thought about how it might be good for them. On a normal day my little girls gaze follows her big brother around, whilst she smiles and gently giggles at his goofiness. In the bath it was total belly laughs, at first Dex thought she was laughing at his bottom bubbling skills (again something we’ve nagged him about, between laughing at him) but Blake was just laughing at the sheer joy of being with her big brother in the bath. My heart burst with total love for them both, and their love for one another. She just couldn’t take her eyes from him and he helped me to keep her warm and to wash her hair. Utter baby bliss. That was until Dexter smashed Spongebob onto her head and made her cry.


That was 18:48, and the fun was over.

It was nice whilst it lasted.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out 


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