5 Time Saving Tips for a New Mum

Babies swallow up time faster than you can say “bugger it’s 3pm”. They are the best waste of time, plus the really good ones stop you from doing any household chores. So here are my tips on how to save a bit of time when the baby is taking it all.

1. Getting dressed. Get dressed on a Monday, and that should do you for the week. Be careful not to wear anything with too much of a stretch to it or you’ll have a saggy bum by Wednesday.

2. Eating. Think kids party food. Biscuits, crisps, sausage rolls, anything that is pre-cooked and can be eaten one-handed. Cause you need the other hand for the remote control.

3. Washing. My favoured time is when the baby-daddy is home, normally accompanied by me shrieking “What time are you leaving??? ” If I happen to miss this window, then the baby gets to watch me take a shower. Lucky girl. My advice? Wait until the monthly swim, much easier.

4. Socialising. You spend all day with someone else, or in my case, sometimes two. Job done. Or just add all your favoured contacts into 1 WhatsApp group, titled “Help”.

5. Chores. Ah shit, I forgot the stuff we’re supposed to be doing whilst on baby holiday, aside from keeping the kids alive. Ah well, just visit other people and dirty their houses.

You’re welcome.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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