I’m sat on the train on my way to a very good friends wedding. I’m on my own though, I’ve left the OH at home with the babies.

And I’m wracked with guilt.

Ok maybe not 100%, maybe 90%? Ok, ok, I’m at least 70% wracked with guilt that I’ve left him at home to tackle bedtime.

My breast pads are firmly in my push up bra, my support pants have been squeezed on and my 2 cans of G&T are be devoured, maybe a little too quickly.

I even did a little dance as I left the house. Tra la la la la!

I’ve avoided spirits since having Blake as she is such a sporadic feeder, but tonight Matthew, I’m gonna PUMP AND DUMP!!


So this little post is merely about me being free for the evening, a chance to boogie with my friends (is it still called that?) A chance to catch up with old friends and of course see the stunning couple in all their glory.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Undery, apologies in advance for the gin talk!!

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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