My Housemate

The OH and I are not ones for PDUA (public displays of unnecessary affection). We’ve never been soppy or traditionally romantic, in fact we NEVER celebrate our anniversary (it was 8 years in April) but it doesn’t mean our relationship isn’t rock solid (witnessing your baby mama getting her vagina stitched up on your lounge floor will do that to a relationship).


We love one another, or more importantly, we love our family, The K-D’s.

The OH is often a pain in my arse but I couldn’t, or rather wouldn’t want to cope without him. He’s Dexter’s best mate, he’s the apple of Blake’s eye and he’s just my fucking hero to be honest! 

He’s patient, understanding, obliging, loving, caring and proud. He’s brilliantly hands on with the kids, which of course he should be as they are the fruit of his loins. He doesn’t grumble when I’m not the perfect housewife (never gonna happen) and he would NEVER expect everything to be done just because I’m on baby holiday. However all this aside he’s also very loyal and keen to improve our family life and possibly even our social life too! The OH is about to embark on an exciting new chapter, starting his own company.  I’m so proud that he’s decided to take the plunge and do it. Whilst it’s not an ideal time for us financially, with me being on maternity leave, we felt it really had to happen now so he’s leaving his job within a matter of weeks and setting up shop with his friend.

I hope the business is a success, I hope it means we have a better quality of life and I really hope it means we see more of Daddy, our hero.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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