Just Do It

OK this post isn’t about me hen pecking the men in my household, just a really tedious link to exercise and wellbeing.


I went to the doctors last week as I’d been feeling a little overwhelmed. Blake’s eczema had hit a really low point, she wasn’t sleeping because she was so itchy and in pain and I was very tearful and angry with the world. As expected the doctor diagnosed PND, something I’m pretty confident most parents hit when it all gets a bit much. So rather than go down the medication route I decided I had to grab the bull by its horns and tackle it head on. Blake’s skin is still a problem but I’m trying to ensure she gets more sleep as doing so relaxes her and leaves her skin in a better condition. I’m trying to go to bed earlier as she’s recently dropped the dream feed (still not sleeping through the pissing night though), and I thought it best that I should grab the opportunity to rest. And finally I’ve joined a gym to get a bit of me time. Its nice to be away from the house and it’s distractions, it’s nice to have an uninterrupted shower and it’s nice to have some time to release any worries, frustrations or anger I have, because being a parent is fucking hard and I really, truly need a teeny bit of a break, even if it is just a couple of sneaky hours a week whilst the kids are asleep. Fuck I hope they’re asleep.

So whilst I’m not going to “hit the gym hard” (it totally wouldn’t be fair on everyone if I was THIS funny and HOT), I’m really here to help get a happier me.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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