Today is my chatty companions 4th Birthday.

4 whole years he’s been here, 4 very short but very fun years.


Dexter is a micheveous boy with such a big heart. Yes he does make my ears bleed with his many, many, many questions but he makes me smile every morning with the same line, “is it the weekend yet?”

My children are my greatest creation and watching Dex become a funny, confident and friendly boy just makes my heart burst with pride. He is the best sibling to Blake, she loves the very bones of him and both their faces light up when they see one another.

3 years old was a big year for the kid. He became a big brother, he left nursery, he had chicken pox, he progressed to the biggest bed ever and he asked, on average, 1067 questions per day! All this he took in his stride.

4 sees the start of big school and a whole new chapter in his life.

So dearest Dexter, my crazy mini man, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You rock our world.

Sloppy raspberries and neck tickles!

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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