Tweet tweet to the happy couple

Today is The Birds wedding day.

Mr. Ray Bird is marrying the very gorgeous Miss Katy Dickson, and we can’t wait to see them looking all beautiful and gorgeous.


I absolutely love my old housemate to bits. Katy is one of the kindest, most loving people I know. She is funny without even trying to be and has the most amount of love for my kids.

I have so many funny and happy memories from living with my pesto loving, avocado munching friend. From the time I found her sobbing over a Harry Potter book to when we’d have sing star competitions and take it a little bit too seriously.

However some of my most favourite moments with Katy have taken place at her beautiful home she now lives in with Ray. I have major house envy and they have worked so fucking hard to transform the once almost derelict building into a fantastic country home.

Saying this, I’m still not sure I’ve fully comes to terms with Ray stealing Katy and moving her 150 miles away from me.

Today is going to be a celebration of love and life and companionship. Nobody deserves happiness more than my beautiful friend Katy. After she kicked cancer square in its fucking balls this year, we all know that today means that little bit more to everyone attending.


Katy and Ray, enjoy having everyone you love around you today, seeing you radiate happiness and love.

Thank you for inviting us to spend this weekend with you, we love you.

To the happy couple!

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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