My Christmas Wish List

I know it’s a little early but I’ve already started on my list.

Dear Santa

I’ve been an unbelievablely good girl this year. The swearing has reduced dramatically and I’ve managed to keep the family alive and happy for another year. So please could I have…

1. Toilet time. Alone – because well, you know.
2. A time machine – so I can go back and enjoy(ish) an all day hangover on a Sunday, just as God intended.
3. Channing Tatum – because I feel like I need to learn more about Mike and his magic ways.
4. Child noise reduction headphones – just to occasionally drown out the needy Mama’s and useless facts about marine life.
5. A 2 seater convertible – actually scrap that. A 1 seater please.
6. A make up and hair stylist – for everyday use.
7. A pinterest to real life app – one click and it appears at your door by the next day.

Fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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