Baby Blake is 1!

52 weeks ago you came into our lives, very quickly and a bit earlier than we were prepared for, but in the most magical way. Clearly a FOMO (fear of missing out-er) in the making, you just didn’t want to let the Christmas celebrations happen without you. Giving birth to you at home really was a special moment for us. Holding you in my arms and snuggling with you on our sofa, minutes after you were born, I just knew we were going to share many more moments like that.

Having a little pink bundle was a total shock for us, but from the start Dexter was so excited to have a little sister. Obviously as you started to make more noise, play more and start moving towards his toys, these feelings waned. You have a special relationship with one another; you obviously adore one another but wind each other up until someone cries. Like any set of siblings I guess. Dexter is the one that produces the belly laughs from you, Dexter is the person you want to jump on and wake up every morning, and Dexter is the one whose dinner you like to steal from. (Oh and FYI he thinks your birthday party is for him, soz).

You’ve not had it totally easy in your short time with us. Your health has made you suffer but now seeing you as a happy, funny and bloody cheeky little girl, this isn’t obvious to those that don’t know. It’s a cliché to say that I love spending time with you, but I really do. You are a fun little minx that pulls comedy faces, initiates games and gives the best hugs (your kisses still need a lot of work). And now we are really enjoying our time together, bloody work is calling me and you’ll be terrorizing Nanny and Daddy instead of me!

I think, and hope, that you’ve made me a better person. I know I could be a better mother than I am but I try my best and I hope the endless cuddles, kisses and tummy munches make up for the months of me not knowing what I was doing with 2, the nights when I begged you to go to sleep and the endless trips to the doctors surgery to be prodded and poked around. You’ve made the world a smaller place for me, you’ve ensured I’ve spent time with a smaller circle of friends and you’ve also helped me have a greater perspective on what is important.


So my beautiful, funny girl, enjoy your birthday and your party and don’t let Dexter open all your presents!

Love you with all our hearts,

Mummy & Daddy


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