Baby holiday blues

So tomorrow I return to the dreaded office, where I have to speak in my inside voice, try not to laugh my natural laugh and not be able to wear leggings or ugg boots.

It’s been a looooooong time since I was there in an official working capacity, and I’m full of butterflies and uncertainty. I’ve got a new job, a new team and a new desk, sadly lacking new stationary though.

So it’s goodbye to the maternity leave, the best year I’ve ever had. Goodbye to Netflix during nap time, goodbye to sneaky Mummy naps during the day (don’t tell the OH), goodbye to church baby group coffee, goodbye to the Thursday Club, goodbye to Cheesy Toasty Friday’s, goodbye to lusting over the fit assistant manager in Cinnabar, goodbye to gossiping with my girlfriends, goodbye to eating cake for lunch, goodbye to soft play dates with the besties, goodbye to long walks with the buggy and Spotify playlists, goodbye to chatting to the old dear by the co-op, goodbye to dancing around to the This Morning theme tune with Blake, goodbye to the school run, goodbye freedom.

I hope Blake doesn’t break Nanny.

Wish me luck!!

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