The Return

I’ve returned to normal life, as we know it. 4 weeks in and no one has died. There have been many tears but no one has died.

Normal life for me now is in the office, once I’ve scattered my kids around Hertfordshire and ignored their pleas for one last hug. The guilt is deep in the pit of my stomach, and the rage is tight in my shoulders from the commute, but both magically disappear once the first hot coffee is consumed and someone asks me an adult question that doesn’t involve the words poo or Paw Patrol.

I’ve been on the end of some RIDICULOUS questions since coming back……

“Happy to be back?” – well I was enjoying the paid-to-be-at-home lifestyle with just a tiny person to look after, who generally naps for 3 hours a day. So…umm….how do I put this……

“It must be nice to use your brain again” – Oh. Well isn’t that a lovely comment to hear for all parents? Those keeping their families alive and happy. Because running a household is easy and any moron can do it? Nope. Plus you know that small matter of the degree I am studying for has been keeping my brain ticking over, 3000 word essays every month will do that for you.

“Missing the kids?” – nope. We see enough of one another, thank you very much. Mainly the baby between the hours of midnight and 4am. And the 4 year old needs someone else to answer his poxy questions, because I am out of fucking answers as to why the moon is round. And why grass is green.

I like money and I like working. I love my kids but I think it’s good for us all to have some variety in our lives. Blake sees Daddy and Nanny, Dexter has school, and I have office life. Plus nothing beats the look on your kid’s face when you walk in through the front door from work. My kids are actually happy to see me. I’ve not been the caregiver all day and I can actually crack on and play with them for an hour before bedtime, I’m the novelty for once.

And it’s nice to wear clothes that aren’t teamed with a pair of Converse or Nike’s.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out



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