Unsocial media?

I’ve not been blogging much of late. My plate is pretty full and my brain is often aching by the evening. I’ve been writing, but just crappy, boring assignments for university. I had to write an assignment on social media last week, and the impact it has on us coversing with one another. I took a look at the online forum posts from my fellow students and was chuckling at some of the comments. MySpace was mentioned and someone even asked what twitter was. I mean COME ON PEOPLE!!!

I’d be completely lost without social media. I’d lose contact with half of my family, a large chunk of my friends and I know both K-D businesses would take a hit. My social life would be non-existent as all the planning is done through social media platforms, and I’d most probably have to talk to the OH once in a while.

I’m a lot more sociable thanks to the many online platforms available. I can’t compare myself to someone sitting at home just stalking people online, which I of course dabble in from time to time, but I mostly partake in conversation, be it with friends (real life and virtual) or strangers, often through the Daily Mail Facebook page. Please don’t judge me for this.

I also love sharing on social media. I have the cutest of kids and want to share their antics with the world. There is a fair amount of politics around what is overkill and what is acceptable. However I’m in the “if-you-think-its-too-much-please-unfollow-thank-you-please” camp. I’m also a simple creature. If your feed either makes me laugh, let’s me participate, is cute or I’m related to you, then I’m a follower.

But now whilst being stuck in the car, on my drive, with a sleeping baby, I’m already looking forward to spending the evening next to the OH on the sofa, talking to other people. It’s the cement to our relationship.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out





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