Just a few things I’ve been pondering over…..

  1. Why does the baby only call me Mum Mum? 
  2. Why do I continually go to bed at a stupid time each night and not 8pm, knowing the baby will be up from 6am,  ready to party? 
  3. Why do I insist on calling the toddler a baby, when in just over a week she will be 2?
  4. Why have I still got a box of breast pads in my bedroom? (see above) 
  5. Why does the toddler only piss AROUND the potty? 
  6. Why does the 5 year old insist on implementing so many rules when I finally get a bit of time to play with him? 
  7. Why does crawling around at soft play hurt my knees so much? 
  8. Why do soft play centres always smell like cheese & onion crisps? (the Walkers variety) 
  9. Why do my kids gang up on me? 
  10. Why can’t I get my kids to keep their hats on when it’s cold? 

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