Weekend – hashtag family time

So what does this mean to the average family?

Does it mean painting the perfect social media portrait of quality time with your kids, indulging in wonderful activities that everyone enjoys?

Does it mean spending all your weekend with one another because the weeklong slog makes the dedicated time together so worth it?

Or does it mean being woken so fucking early it’s still dark (following a week of dragging the kid’s arses out of bed and screaming “get up get up, we’re going to be late”)?

Does it mean solo parenting for half of the weekend because Saturday is the OHs busiest day of trading thus bringing the big bucks in?

Does it mean showering whilst breaking up WW3 and stepping out midway to wipe somebody’s bum?

Does it mean running a small business with 2 “helpers” and apologising profusely to your customer when they throw a tantrum when I explain we aren’t actually invited to attend the party, we’re just providing the equipment?

Does it mean your kids weekend lunch is predominately sponsored by Subway, and dinner by McDonald’s?

Does it mean putting your PJs on at 7 pm, a pint of wine in hand, yet still the small people are around because “it’s the weekend” and they are allowed a late night? Maybe I should start going to bed at 7 pm, because “it’s the weekend”.

Does it mean feeling so frazzled by Sunday evening that you have actually started to enjoy Monday’s like some sadist suburban witch?

Does it mean you really want to punch your neighbour in the face because he has the time to leisurely clean and polish his car EVERY FUCKING WEEKEND?

How do you spend your weekend? What do you do for shits and giggles? Or is your weekend literally full of shits and giggles?

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