My kids, the fussiest eaters that I’ve ever met, both surviving on jam sandwiches and cucumber. In fact, I think the biggest now HATES cucumber. Sigh.

I try not to pander to it too much, especially at dinner time. We plan a meal that can be adapted to suit their bland and totally unadventurous pallet, rather than us making 3 dinners, (or even 4 if I entertained the OHs whinging too).

If they don’t eat their dinner, they get nothing else. If they do eat it all, they get dessert. Simple. However the process to get there is so painful, especially with the littlest one. I’d rather pluck every single, individual eyelash out, than have to chant repeatedly, “eat your dinner, eat your dinner, eat your dinner…”

You get the idea.

Free school meals end this term for the biggest, just before he starts KS2 in September. He’s excited about the prospect of having a jam sandwich everyday, however, I’m not excited about making a variety of sandwiches each day, for them to be returned to me, uneaten.

And strangely, only this week, the littlest one’s pre-school asked me to pack more food for her each day as she’s devouring the lot AND nicking the food from her key worker! Who is this child? Because she’s certainly not the kid I battle with daily just to eat one piece of fucking TOAST, with the crusts cut off.

I fondly remember a time that Dexter would inhale calamari thinking they were onion rings and devouring brocoli because he thought they were mini trees, now everything is YUCK, and I’m kicking myself that I encouraged him to have an opinion on anything.

Maybe I should reintroduce the baby blender…..? Roast dinner smoothie kids?

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