About Me

About Me

I’m Mum to Dexter, cake eater, gossiper, better half to “him indoors”, blogger, iPhone addict, sister, slow walker, daughter, occasional swimmer, grand-daughter, sometime singer, her indoors, iPad hogger, friend, self-proclaimed comedienne, drama tutor, coffee drinker, pasta eater, part-time student, book-club member, gin-swigger, terrible baker and excellent hugger.20120812-224100.jpg

Now working full-time and very much enjoying it (please don’t judge me). I enjoy spending quality time with the other K-D’s and hoping to have more little K-D’s in the future.

My dream has become my reality as I embark on 6 years of part time study towards a BA (Honours) in English Language and Literature.

Contact Details

Email: lifechangingmomentsblog@gmail.com

Twitter: @LindseyDay

Instagram: @linsd1981

I am available to guest blog. PR friendly.

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