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Just a few things I’ve been pondering over….. Why does the baby only call me Mum Mum?  Why do I continually go to bed at a stupid time each night and not 8pm, knowing the baby will be up from 6am,  ready to party?  Why do I insist on calling the toddler a baby, when … Continue reading

The Return

I’ve returned to normal life, as we know it. 4 weeks in and no one has died. There have been many tears but no one has died. Normal life for me now is in the office, once I’ve scattered my kids around Hertfordshire and ignored their pleas for one last hug. The guilt is deep … Continue reading

Baby Blake is 1!

52 weeks ago you came into our lives, very quickly and a bit earlier than we were prepared for, but in the most magical way. Clearly a FOMO (fear of missing out-er) in the making, you just didn’t want to let the Christmas celebrations happen without you. Giving birth to you at home really was … Continue reading

My Christmas Wish List

I know it’s a little early but I’ve already started on my list. Dear Santa I’ve been an unbelievablely good girl this year. The swearing has reduced dramatically and I’ve managed to keep the family alive and happy for another year. So please could I have… 1. Toilet time. Alone – because well, you know. … Continue reading


Most of my days begin at 6am after being woken several times throughout the night by the baby crying out for a dummy/cuddle/parent or the cat attacking my feet/head/sanity. Still convinced its the middle of the night, I try to persuade her to go back to sleep, which results in her laughing in my face. True story. I then … Continue reading

Work. (Sulks).

So the prospect of returning to work has reared its ugly head and I’ve been forced to start thinking about my next steps as a frazzled mother of two. In all honesty I didn’t enjoy my maternity leave much with Dexter. It was fun and spending time with him was a joy but I found it … Continue reading

Half a year

Beautiful Blake, my baby girl. 6 months ago you made your way into the world, a bit too hastily for my liking, but I get the impression that’s pretty much how you roll. Your big Blue eyes sparkle every day, your little cherub face crinkles up when you smile and your funny shrieks fill the … Continue reading

My Shadow

Despite being a mother already, I’d never really experienced having someone solely dependent on me before having Blake. Even though Dexter was EBF, he took a bottle straight away and I expressed and had freedom since a few weeks after he was born, this also gave the other important people in his life the chance … Continue reading


There was a lot of love in our house earlier, specifically from 18:25 until about 18:48, or more commonly known as, Bath time. Both my kids love the water, it’s their happy place. I don’t know if it has any relevance to their love of water but I used to lull in the bath for hours … Continue reading

The Elephant

I lost my shit today, sadly with those that care the most about me, my family. I lost my shit over something that wasn’t their fault, but something that has been bubbling up inside of me for a while. Blake has eczema, the same as Dexter had, but sadly it’s on her face so very … Continue reading