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I’m sat on the train on my way to a very good friends wedding. I’m on my own though, I’ve left the OH at home with the babies. And I’m wracked with guilt. Ok maybe not 100%, maybe 90%? Ok, ok, I’m at least 70% wracked with guilt that I’ve left him at home to … Continue reading

My Shadow

Despite being a mother already, I’d never really experienced having someone solely dependent on me before having Blake. Even though Dexter was EBF, he took a bottle straight away and I expressed and had freedom since a few weeks after he was born, this also gave the other important people in his life the chance … Continue reading

Wide Awake Club

I’m a sadist. I quite enjoy the 4am feeds as they’ve become my time to surf the web, catch up on some reading and checking my twitter and instagram feeds without feeling guilty that I’m not giving my full attention to both babies. I do, of course, like the soft baby cuddles with Blake and … Continue reading

My Top 5 Feeding Must Haves

I am a milking machine. Not as often as I was 6 weeks ago but most definitely more than the average persons snacks, because Blake eats little and often. I think she read somewhere that this is what Victoria Beckham does….. However many babies you BF, it’s still bloody hard (and painful) if you’ve not … Continue reading


Guilt is a funny old thing. I seem to be constantly wracked with guilt. Not the stomach churning guilt that I experienced as a kid when I got caught nicking some Fruit Pastilles (sorry Mum); but small pangs of guilt, 5 days a week when I leave my baby boy and go off to work. … Continue reading

Things I wish I’d known

With many lovely friends all around me up the duff or having just had their babies it made me think back to the early days and see if I’d change anything. Yep quite a few things actually. 1. 1+1+1= new family I so wish we’d limited our visitors to 0 a day until Dex was … Continue reading

My mooing days are over

Friday 4th May was the last day I breastfed Dexter. This has caused me both physical and mental pain. I know I’ve managed a lot longer than others but it doesn’t make stopping any easier. Choosing to stop has 100% been Dexter’s decision. He’s been fussing so much around my boobs that I tried him … Continue reading

Dinner is served

Breastfeeding is the top subject to discuss with other mums. Are you doing it? How long do you plan to do it for? Does it hurt?  When I was pregnant I was adamant that I didn’t want to BF as I had witnessed people close to me feel like utter failures for not managing it … Continue reading