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We Built This City On Snot And Drool

I know I’ve written about bodily fluids before (It’s SNOT Funny) but I couldn’t let this one pass without sharing with you all. My boy, my world, the love of my life sneezed last night and rubbed the omitted snot from his nose into his hair like a budget price hair gel. Nice to know … Continue reading

Teething Times are Testing Times

Well Dex finally got his first tooth on Monday 2nd July. I only knew of this momental occasion because Nanny text me to let me know. You see me and the OH were on our third night out together since Dex was born and Nanny and Grandad were babysitting for us. What terrible parents we … Continue reading

Bodily fluids

I have major mummy envy. All the other babies and toddlers I see are immaculate. Peachy skin, golden hair and clean clothes. All wearing light colours without a care in the world. But Dexter, well anything past10am and he just looks like a dishevelled mess. I know boys will be boys but considering he can’t yet walk … Continue reading