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Bodily fluids

I have major mummy envy. All the other babies and toddlers I see are immaculate. Peachy skin, golden hair and clean clothes. All wearing light colours without a care in the world. But Dexter, well anything past10am and he just looks like a dishevelled mess. I know boys will be boys but considering he can’t yet walk … Continue reading

The curse of the competitive mum

I’ve always had a slightly competitive side, possibly made stronger since shacking up with the other half. It’s his laid back attitude, it makes me want to whoop his arse at any game. Which I’d like to add, I rarely do! But having a baby has made me relax about things. Since Dex arrived we’ve … Continue reading

Bottle it and sell it on eBay

Dex is the apple of my eye, the reason I breathe and the only thing that makes me smile every morning and be thankful for my life and what I’ve been given. This was hard to believe 2 weeks ago when my lovely little lad started waking 2 or 3 times a night having previously … Continue reading


I love cake. I didn’t really eat cake when I was pregnant because of the heartburn and blimey did I miss it! When D and I established breast feeding I looked upon this as the perfect opportunity to eat cake, guilt free. The other half was force feeding me all sorts of naughty things to keep … Continue reading