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Starting Again.

Starting Again.

After the hardest few years of my life, I want to start putting pen to paper, well fingers to keyboard, and to start blogging again. I used to think I was a little bit humorous, sometimes even modestly tittering at my own musings, but I’m struggling to find that spark again. Life is crazy. Kids, … Continue reading

Weekend – hashtag family time

Weekend – hashtag family time

So what does this mean to the average family? Does it mean painting the perfect social media portrait of quality time with your kids, indulging in wonderful activities that everyone enjoys? Does it mean spending all your weekend with one another because the weeklong slog makes the dedicated time together so worth it? Or does … Continue reading

11 month itch

Last week marked my darling Blake turning 11 months old, which in turn marks a month until I have to return to work. I’m so very sad about having to return to work and leaving her. I was hammering down the office door at around 10 months with Dex, safely returning back on payroll by … Continue reading

Tweet tweet to the happy couple

Today is The Birds wedding day. Mr. Ray Bird is marrying the very gorgeous Miss Katy Dickson, and we can’t wait to see them looking all beautiful and gorgeous. I absolutely love my old housemate to bits. Katy is one of the kindest, most loving people I know. She is funny without even trying to … Continue reading


I’m sat on the train on my way to a very good friends wedding. I’m on my own though, I’ve left the OH at home with the babies. And I’m wracked with guilt. Ok maybe not 100%, maybe 90%? Ok, ok, I’m at least 70% wracked with guilt that I’ve left him at home to … Continue reading

Our trip of a lifetime

A week today the K-D’s will be well on our to spending a month in Australia.  The four of us (sadly minus Pilchard the Cat and the fish), will be spending 4 weeks together, relaxing, sightseeing, and enjoying each others company. We will be lucky enough to be travelling around and visiting Melbourne,  Adelaide and … Continue reading

Whilst You’re Here

We’re a busy, noisy household. 2 adults, 2 children, 1 cat and who knows how many fish. The toddler craves routine, the cat cries and stalks you if you dare feed him late, and the baby is settling herself into a nice cycle of eat, sleep, play that I really don’t want to mess with. … Continue reading

Me Time

Last night I visited Champneys Henlow Health Resort for an impromptu Spa evening with 2 friends. Both boys were away in Weston-Super-Mare for a few nights and I thought “why not, the cat can survive without me for the evening!” The evening package is called Unwind and dine and you can arrive at the Spa from … Continue reading

A letter to my toddler

A letter to my toddler

Dearest Dexter, What an amazing year 2013 was for you. In just a year you’ve gone from a cruising baby to a confident toddler. We’ve watched you grow and learn and develop and become such an awesome little boy. You waited until we’d moved into our first family home in January before taking your first … Continue reading

Scaredy Cat

This year is the first year we’re going trick or treating, and to ease Dexter (and the OH in) we’re only going to visit friends and family. We’ve kinda celebrated Halloween in the past by just being at home and answering the door to kids in bin bags. This year will be the first that … Continue reading