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Cloth Bum Fun

Dexter is a cloth baby. Not one from birth, hell no I hated the honey mustard poo stage, but one from 8 months old. It wasn’t ever something I thought we, as a family would do, but I’m so very pleased that we have. Whilst pregnant and attending our antenatal class we were given information … Continue reading

Giving Life a Meaning

You never know what you have until its gone is a cruel statement. To only fully appreciate something once it’s taken away from you means you’ve never let go and enjoyed it. The memories you make with that person you love should be measured on quality and not quantity. We take many, many things for … Continue reading

My 52 week old baby boy

Today is Dexter’s 1st birthday. I’m beyond proud of my baby boy. I’m proud of the OH and I’m proud of the family we’ve become. The past year has been a blur of late nights, early mornings, sore nipples, lots of poo, coffee, cuddles, toys taking over, food being thrown under, muslin cloths, washing, purée, … Continue reading

Things I wish I’d known

With many lovely friends all around me up the duff or having just had their babies it made me think back to the early days and see if I’d change anything. Yep quite a few things actually. 1. 1+1+1= new family I so wish we’d limited our visitors to 0 a day until Dex was … Continue reading

(Not So) Super Mum

The past few weeks I’ve felt like a big failure. I’ve been pretty ill. So ill in fact that I couldn’t even look after my own baby. This, in my world, means I’m a failure. It all started during the Jubilee weekend with what I thought was a little stomach bug. Turns out it was … Continue reading

Holiday, Celebrate

The K-D’s have safely returned from their latest adventure. Grandad came along for this one too. This chapter took place on the Isle of Wight. Nothing too glam for us, but the weather was amazing. A break from the norm was actually very needed and some time with the OH and Dexter was the perfect tonic. … Continue reading

Super Gran

Dexter’s Granny was one of the bravest ladies I knew. During the 5 years I’d known her she’d been ill more than well, but she’d never let you know this. Having Cancer didn’t stop Granny from seeing her friends every week, watching live music and having a dance with Grandad, going on cruises, visiting relatives … Continue reading

Unwelcome guest

Cancer is a bitch. It’s a terrible, crippling disease that ruins people’s lives and seperates families in the cruelest possible way. An old friend recently lost her mum to cancer. It’s never an easy time but ever more poignant at Christmas and New Year.  The way she has dealt with her loss has really been … Continue reading