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Work. (Sulks).

So the prospect of returning to work has reared its ugly head and I’ve been forced to start thinking about my next steps as a frazzled mother of two. In all honesty I didn’t enjoy my maternity leave much with Dexter. It was fun and spending time with him was a joy but I found it … Continue reading

Our trip of a lifetime

A week today the K-D’s will be well on our to spending a month in Australia.  The four of us (sadly minus Pilchard the Cat and the fish), will be spending 4 weeks together, relaxing, sightseeing, and enjoying each others company. We will be lucky enough to be travelling around and visiting Melbourne,  Adelaide and … Continue reading

Whilst You’re Here

We’re a busy, noisy household. 2 adults, 2 children, 1 cat and who knows how many fish. The toddler craves routine, the cat cries and stalks you if you dare feed him late, and the baby is settling herself into a nice cycle of eat, sleep, play that I really don’t want to mess with. … Continue reading

DKD’s Animal Spectacular

DKD’s Animal Spectacular

For Dexter’s 2nd birthday we decided to host a party at our home in our brand new sparkly garden. Dex is mad on animals so we thought an animal theme would be ideal, and I love dressing up so what better than for all the kids to come dressed as their favourite animal! I created … Continue reading

Guess Who’s 2?

Guess Who’s 2?

DKD is 2 years old! Blimey we have a 2 year old. An official toddler. A little man that runs around being all little manly. Our son, our world, our absolute everything, what did we spend our money on before you? He’s amazing (obviously biased). He’s like this mad, bubbly, nutty little dude that has … Continue reading

A Letter To My Boy

A Letter To My Boy

Oh DKD do you have any idea how much you brighten my life? How much you make me smile so broadly I think my cheeks will split? How you make coming home from work that extra bit special? It’s your cheeky face, your grubby little hands, your dimply bum, your chunky thighs and your long … Continue reading


Guilt is a funny old thing. I seem to be constantly wracked with guilt. Not the stomach churning guilt that I experienced as a kid when I got caught nicking some Fruit Pastilles (sorry Mum); but small pangs of guilt, 5 days a week when I leave my baby boy and go off to work. … Continue reading


I’m rubbish. I’m sorry I’ve not been in contact but bloody hell I’m busy. Time is flashing by faster than you can say “zoom” and I’m struggling to get anything done. I’m tired, knackered in fact, and sod me my back is killing me. Is it age? Probably. Is it from carting my lazy son … Continue reading